We are storm and fight.

Firm ground and courage.

Our hair stands on end when we feel the salt water splashing on our skin and our feet sinking into the sand. Our heart is filled with energy when the wind and sun burn our body.

We live united to the earth because we love Nature and Beauty in all its forms, as well as Art and Poetry.

We contribute to the awakening of our freedom as women and promote sisterhood by creating a community based on co-creation, creativity, passion for surfing, skateboarding and a lifestyle in connection with nature.

We're free.

We are women.


the villain

For us it is important to create a community of women and promote female empowerment.

That is why we have made this illustration that is intended to be an emblem of the brand and that symbolizes all those women who have challenged established norms and social conventions and have dared to be themselves.

For us, this mask represents courage, strength and rebellion. Union, resilience and community.