Misscloudy is the pseudonym behind which Ángela Suárez Noya, author of "What I told the sea", hides.

Since we met her we knew that we wanted her to be part of our artist platform VILLANA ART TRIANGLE and we have made this limited edition (and very special, since it is the first) with her.

Here we leave you an interview so that you can learn a little more about her work (and about her).

Ángela Suárez Noya, Why MissCloudy?

MissCloudy was born in June 2012. Somebody a little more daring than the others decided to open an account on what was then Twitter to share what they wrote. I did it without any pretensions, simply believing that letting it go beyond my own screen or my notebooks would help me relieve the weight I was holding at that moment. I perceived that burden as a cloud that prevented me from seeing the Sun and hence the name.

Furthermore, I believe that gray days bring inspiration hand in hand and hence I am the “girl with clouds”.

And although my full name appears on the cover of my book, MissCloudy is a fundamental part of Angela. It is my artistic part but above all my most emotional part and I want to keep alive the name that helped me show myself to the world.

Why do you remain anonymous? What led you to make that decision? How does it influence your creative process?

Well, on the one hand, part of why it is selfish: fear. The fear of nudity . The feeling of vulnerability.

Although in reality it is a partial anonymity because since the publication of my book, my people know that I am the one behind MissCloudy, as do the girls from Postdata Ediciones , the publishing house that gave me the opportunity to make the dream titled come true. “What I told the sea” and the beautiful people who came to the booth at the Book fairs in which I had the opportunity to participate. They know the face behind MissCloudy.

It's true that at some point I considered breaking it, especially when I published the book. For fear (again) of not being able to reach people. But almost two years later, I'm glad to still be “hidden.” That has helped me discover that my lyrics are the ones that reach people, they are the real protagonists. And that's how I want it to remain, that completes the reason for my anonymity.

Furthermore, I think it positively influences my creation. For freedom, the feeling that I continue writing only for my notebooks, even though hundreds of people read me.

Why the writing?

There have been several times that I have tried to answer this question. I have finished the interview and returned to it. And I still don't know what to say. I guess there's no reason. Like true love, you can't explain why; but it is a yes in capital letters. Well, writing for me is similar.

As one of my poems says:

What inspires you to create?

I love that you ask me this question. Because contrary to what many people believe, not everything I write is autobiographical. It just comes up. As I said previously, I am most inspired by moments of sadness, loneliness, heartbreak, and pain. Mine and other people's. But there is also a very important line (and that will be more so) in my creation and they are the moments of improvement, of achievements, of growing, of self-love.

In the end, my texts talk about everyday feelings and emotions and that is what inspires me: life, with its ups and downs—as can be seen in my book.

How would you describe your work? Do you have a particular concept or message that you try to convey through your creations?

Naturalness, that's the word. I try not to force anything. I don't schedule when I write. I don't say “I'm going to sit down for a while and write.” In fact, none of the texts in the book were written sitting at a table. It is born to me at the least expected moment. Sometimes it even makes me angry because I can't at that moment write down what has occurred to me and later, even though I look for it in my memory, it doesn't come back in the same form and I don't like it.

As I said previously, I try to convey feelings of daily life, of the experiences that any of us can have. Although I think that with each topic I try to reach the reader in a different way.

I write about heartbreak, fears or pain, to heal myself. And I share them to keep those who read me company; May you know that you are not alone, that you are not the only one who has experienced this.

And on the other hand, with topics like self-love, dreams, self-improvement ... I try to transmit strength, the desire to continue, so that the heart that is reading it says "you're right, let's go" and helps you get up and continue with your goal. own war.

Do you have any particular artists, writers or sources of inspiration who have influenced your work?

I must say that all those who make art with letters are inspiration, and of course admiration.

But my greatest source of inspiration is the sea. Many of my texts are born at his side. And the title of my work is born from the importance it has for me.

Tell us a little about your work 'What I told the sea'. What themes do you explore in your writing?

My book is a mix of all the topics that I have mentioned in the interview so far.

Yes, it is true that heartbreak has a very relevant weight in the book; but there are texts dedicated to friends, family, cities that were and are important in my life...

The book is divided into several blocks and each of them refers to a topic.

The first is WATER , which is dedicated to those who, like water on the beach, come and go, to those who passed through my life, to those who stayed and to those who are always here.

It is followed by ARENA , one of my favorite parts today, which is dedicated to that part that is always there, “to myself”, that is, to the “I” that is reading me.

And on the other hand there are: HIGH TIDE , in which I talk about those moments that make you feel the water around your neck, when in life the tide rises and drowns; and LOW TIDE , when the storm passes and calm returns. And finally, since part of the book was created in a time that I consider has marked a before and after in our lives—the pandemic—I wanted to collect ten texts written during the quarantine, in which I talk about feelings that I think everyone We have been able to experience those moments, and I grouped them under the name DESERT , due to the absence of the sea in my life during those 99 days.

Can you tell us something about your future artistic projects? Is there anything exciting on the horizon that you want to share?

I am quite hermetic and very cautious when it comes to talking about dreams and castles not yet built.

Also, I never thought I would publish my first book; Imagine how hard it is for me to think that a second could come true! I'm still assimilating all the beauty that my sea of ​​letters has given me and continues to give me.

But it is true that I am a great dreamer and I cannot deny that I am trying to shape a new project. Over very low heat, yes. The texts of “What I told the sea” were written during many years of my life. I don't know if it will take me years or months to achieve what I have in mind right now but what I do know is that I want to maintain my essence and for that it has to be natural. There are seasons of creative block and that makes everything go slower. But I keep running after that dream that, come on, I'm going to admit, already has a title. So hopefully one day that title will appear on the shelves again with my name on the cover.

Do you have any messages or advice for other women artists and creatives looking to make their voices heard in the art world?

Courage and being yourself. Those of us who like some form of art and enjoy creating it alone are very afraid of the leap into the void that comes with letting ourselves be heard. You fear that it will be a free fall and everything will break, including yourself.

But in that leap, being faithful to what you feel and your principles and values ​​makes you grow wings. And you fly.

It is true that the distance you travel does not only depend on you. But I do believe that the definition of success is up to you. For some it will be having many followers, for others selling many books, for some receiving titles and for others, including myself, success is overcoming fears, jumping even knowing that you can break (that's what one of the poems in my book says). ).

I jumped with great fear. But the simple fact of having dared made publishing the book worthwhile; regardless of how many people were going to read it. Obviously today, my expectations were far exceeded and my lyrics continue to fly around the world.

And in my flight, I have learned that what makes me where I am today is what the people who read me tell me: that they are capable of becoming owners of my texts, that they manage to see themselves reflected in them. And that's when I smile really hard (and fly a little higher).

It is the clear demonstration that it is worth being yourself, that is transmitted in what you write. And people perceive it.

A place: next to the sea

A book: wow, what a responsibility. Come on, I'm getting wet. Any of Paloma Sánchez-Garnica's books.

One dish: potato omelette (rarely cooked).

A movie: Life is beautiful

A song: A sky full of stars, by Coldplay.

A drink: a glass of Albariño to toast with my friends.

A dream: if I say it, it won't come true!

One wish: To continue surrounded by the people who really matter to me.

A memory: the hug with my parents just after fulfilling one of my biggest dreams.

A verse or quote: The sea heals everything.

What I told the sea


From the sea I learned to break and still dance again. To swim against the current even with water up to your neck. To sink and rise afloat. To hug me after every shipwreck. To drown those fears that weigh the most in the chest. To release ballast. To cry and not let it show that it has rained. To love the solitude with which one shares a deserted beach. To take my inner child by the hand and, together, jump the waves of the shore with one of those contagious laughter. To be the peace that follows the storm. To anchor next to those who make me feel safe. To raise anchor and get away from where I can stumble again and run aground.

From the sea I learned to dream. And fly.

From the sea I learned to save myself.

What I told the sea is made up of all those waves that made me float and also make me shipwreck. For all those messages I wrote in the sand to try to rescue myself. By high tides that taught me to value the calm of the low tide.

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